The Art of Light Photography 2013

Little Miss Isabelle’s mom always wanted to have a winter photo session done…  I am very fortunate that they picked  me to make it happen.

Meet Little Miss Isabelle-



She made my work so easy; seriously!  This was her first winter season and one that she will remember for sure.

blog 2 5x7

She loves sweets—we made sure we brought some…well a lot for her.  We didn’t bribe little miss; promise ;-).

f&I sml

They are from Singapore where the weather is currently 70-76 F!  They’ve only been here for 6 months and loving the snow.

They love snow + i love snow = FUN SESSION!

Extreme weather often times makes the best photo session.

MIL_9205 MIL_9231

Mom F is so easy going,  she loves to hang and watch Tinkerbell with her little Miss.  Isn’t she cool?

Now,  look how she covers her mouth while she laughs…she is really a little Miss, so poised!

MIL_9263 MIL_9254 Little Miss different expressions to love!

different faces

different faces

different faces

I can’t wait to work with them again with Mr. I next time for their Spring/Summer family session!!!



 谢谢 =)




Millie Sarinas

Hawaii Photographer